Hi y’all,

I’m not the writer that lives in the Bitterroot Valley, or several other Ted C Halls…

I am: a retired USAF MSgt, an Electronic Tech, Musician, one time Photographer, and the proud father of two very level headed teen/tween boys…

Between jobs for my own computer consulting firm (www. compunetic.com if you want to know more) I’m a fireman/rescue type for the Florence Volunteer Fire Department, and EMT student and hopefully in a few years a Physician Assistant.

Come on in, spit on the floormat, call the cat names, and make yourself comfortable…

Remember though, this is NOT a democracy, it’s my blog and what gets seen here reflects on me…  I get the last word<G>

Rudeness, crudity, harassment, and uncivil behavior will not be tolerated.

If you can tie together facts, opinions, and give a good account of your self you’re already a welcome guest…

Ted C Hall


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